10 SIMPLE Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week! (May 6-May 10)





Take a trip to your local Dunkin Donuts and pick up a box of Munchkins!


Fill up a cork/poster board full of positive comments and goodies!


Doll up a bottle of sanitizer!


Don’t forget all gifts deserve an awesome note!


Flower’s are always a winner!


Adorable! Something they can use and eat!

Simple and healthy

Love it!


A simple “Thank you” card would even do.


A cute alphabet poem and a picture drawn by your child

A is for Appreciate! We appreciate everything you do!
B is for Beautiful: Mrs. Case is the Most Beautiful Teacher
C is for Caring: Thank you for caring for us.
D is for Determined: You are determined to be the best teacher you can be.
E is for Extraordinary: You are an extraordinary teacher.
F is for Fun: You make learning fun.
G is for Great: You are the Greatest!
H is for Happy: You make us happy.
I is for Ideas: You have the best ideas.
J is for Joy: It is a joy to have you as our teacher
K is for Kind: You are very kind to us.
L is for Love: We love you.
M is for Magnificent: You are magnificent.
N is for Nice: It is nice to be in your class.
O is for only: You only have our best interest at heart.
P is for Patient: Thanks for your patience with us.
Q is for Queen: You are the queen of our class.
R is for ready: You make us ready to learn.
S is for sad: We are sad you will not be our teacher next year.
T is for Terrific Teacher: You are a terrific teacher.
U is for unbeatable: Mrs. Case, you are unbeatable.
V is for Very: You are the very best teacher.
W is for Wonderful: You are wonderful.
X is for X-ray: If you x-rayed your heart, you would find a big smile.
Y is for Yell: You never yell at us.
Z is for Zip-pa-di-do-da: Zip-pa-di-day We love you!



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