DIY Clothes detergent

So for the longest I have been wanting to make some homemade clothes detergent. So the day finally came! I have an awesome DIY recipe that I tried and honey let me tell you, I LOVE IT!


This is the finished product!

I am a big advocate of recycling and saving the earth. I hate wasting! So as you can see, I used the Downy Unstopables empty container to store the detergent as well!

Anyway, moving on…

This process is super simple. The first thing you do is go to your local Walmart and purchase the ingredients.



2 bars of Purex Fels-Naptha laundry bars $0.97 ea.

2 cups Borax $3.38

2 cups washing soda $3.24

1 container Downy Unstoppables $5.97


Start by grating your Feels Naptha bars. Pour into your desired detergent container. Add 2 cups of washing soda. Add 2 cups of Borax. Finally, add Downy Unstoppables ALL OF IT!


This is the beautiful blend after mixing! For a full load of clothes, use a cup of detergent.

Now you have safe detergent right from home with no fillers, (unlike store bought detergent), and you can make it in bulk. WHAT!



Please don’t forget to share your experience with the detergent and ideas you may have!


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